Checks For Individuals

Building Trust, One Check At A Time

Verify true identities of anyone that matters to you.

Identity Check

We can help you verify true identities or spot fake identities of suspecting individuals.

Address Check

Check to verify the authenticity of any person’s residential address.

Domestic Staff Check

How well do you know your domestic staff? We can help you find out.

Tenancy Check

Learn more about a tenant before leasing your property out.

Transcript Service

Need to obtain your school’s result transcript? We can help you find out.

Hometown Address Check

Trace any individual's hometown or permanent residence address.

Guarantor Check

Does your next business partner have a character worth vouching for?

Credit Check

Is an individual credit-worthy or bankrupt? Find out.

Criminal/security Check

Everyone has a past. Find out if your candidate has a criminal past.

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